Equity is the future...

Get clear on the numbers and strategies to grow and protect yours...

Business value creation happens in Stages. You must invest at each one to get to the next...

Valuation growth is purely aspirational if you do not have a strong foundation. An investment into each of the 7 levers builds scale and equity value...

Valuation compounds when you invest your cash wisely and manage non-financial risks.

Most business owners focus on driving their profitability. That's important but what about the consistency of your cash flow and non-financial risks? When it comes to enhancing your valuation these factors must be considered...

The key industry benchmarks for your business and how do you compare to others?  

How big can your business really get… Are you driving your top line and maximizing customer demand? 

Is your business model optimised to create higher margins and generate consistent cash flow? 

How effective is your marketing and lead generation to drive your growth? 

Are the systems and processes inside of your business easy to follow? 

Are your finances and capital structure optimised for scale?

Do you drive innovation to stay ahead of the competition?   

What FBZ Financial can do for you

We believe business should start and end with an unshakeable foundation.
We offer an integrated valuation growth solution that is proven and works


Profit & Cash flow


Valuation Playbook
How to Build and Accelerate Valuation Before You Sell.

The proven step-by-step process to design your business in a way that creates more profit now and higher valuation in the future.

What our clients say?

At FBZ we pride ourselves on results. Numbers don't lie.

«The ability to make pricing and stock purchasing decisions based on accurate numbers is invaluable to us.” We look forward to expanding the business into new markets, knowing this is all taken care of.»

Colin B
CEO «Kelato Animal Health»

«FBZ provides the numbers we need to see to improve the financial performance in each of our centres. In an ultra competitive industry it’s vital we have this under control.»

Grant N
CEO «Peak Sports & Learning»

Service Plans For 6 & 7 Figure Entrepreneurs

Our plans are based on your stage of growth and the support you're looking for...


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