About us

The Financial Foundation you need
for your next stage of growth.

We want each and everyone of our clients to experience financial freedom. So you can choose to do WHAT you want, WHEN you want and with WHO you want…

And for us, that path to financial freedom starts with having a successful business. One that is profitable, cash flow positive and sustainable over the long term.  

At FBZ, the path to business growth
starts with basic foundational principles.

Why should the basics matter to you? 

Trial and errors in our own business have taught us a core truth that appears over and over again: 

Business starts and ends with an unshakeable financial foundation. 

And after servicing hundreds of businesses over the years we can see patterns emerging on WHY some of them experience growth and the rest don’t. 

These businesses who grow to $5M, $10M, $20M+ place their energy and focus on their numbers and ensure they have access to the cash and finances they need to grow and maintain their operations.  

If you really want your business to succeed you must focus on having financial foundation…a system, a way to look at things and make changes when things don’t go your way. 


At FBZ, we start with some foundational financial principles that have held true throughout our years of helping people… 

These are a set of basic foundational principles will never change for us, no matter the strategy and tactics you decide to follow.

If you follow these principles, they will remove your frustrations, make you more money and help you sleep at night.

Meet the team

Nikolas Ahkin

Nik’s role is to develop and manage client relationships, help them design a valuation strategy and build out the logical progression and growth of their business. Always keeping the end in mind. He’s an expert in helping you pinpoint issues that impact your business and levers that need to be pulled to build a business that works for you.

Nik is also director of FUNDSITION, a new equity funding platform based in Australia (CSF) and the US (Reg D 506c), who help companies position themselves to take on equity partners and new investment.

When he’s not at work, Nik enjoys a random surf, eating quality hamburgers and having fun at home with his three boys. Life is to be enjoyed and lived.

Natalie Gibling
Managing Partner

Natalie leads the team and head of managing client relationships. She will help you take charge of your business’ finances and put together the building blocks for your company’s growth strategy. She’s an expert in analysing financial statements, developing streamlined reporting systems and tracking key metrics for high growth businesses.

When she’s not busy helping you to understand your financials and your business’ potential, she loves cooking, outdoor sports and spending time with her three boys. But, whatever you do, don’t challenge her to a game of Chinese Checkers as she hasn’t lost a game for 15 years!

Jackie Stepto
Client Services

Erin Karpouzis
Client Services

Daniel Hampson
Client Services

Bryony Woodrow
Admin Support