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Understand Value

We’ll take you through a simple formula to understand valuation and what factors drive it.

Multiply Value

How to accelerate value creation by focusing on your business' multiple.

Monetise Value

The 7 valuation layers you must have in your business before you sell it.

The Problem:
When it comes to selling a business, most people don't know how to maximise their valuation. They end up leaving a lot of money on the table.

The sure sign you have a valuable business is one that can grow and operate smoothly without you. 

While most business owners believe they have a level of control and influence over the factors that drive their growth, what is frequently misunderstood are the factors that impact valuation.   

Whether you want to sell your business now or at some point in the future…isn’t the real question…

The real question is…how can I create more value in my business, keep it, grow it – and show others how to unlock it? 

Without creating a business with it’s own expertise, capital and systems it will struggle to operate independent of you. It will only grow to a certain size. 

It’s why 96% of businesses get stuck. Making less than $1 million of revenue p.a. with slim profit margins for owners.  

Value can only be captured if it’s created. If its not there, it can’t be transferred to someone else.   

Timing is everything: When should you sell?

There are two key points on your business growth cycle where you can maximise valuation.  

Learning where these two points are located and what your business needs to look like, in terms of size, growth rates and profitability will provide a more systematic approach to value building.  

Although selling your business may be far off in the future it may be worth considering sooner than feels natural.  

Without even knowing it, if you leave your exit plan on the shelf too long your business could be passing it’s used by date. 

With times and technology rapidly evolving, if you’re not keeping up with industry trends and the competition the biggest risk to you could be a drop in the valuation of your company. Being the ultimate cost for in-action. 

We’ll cover this and so much more in the workshop and get you on the right path.   




Nikolas Ahkin

Partner at FBZ Financial and workshop host

This is for you if…

Once you attend the workshop you’re going to have a PLAN to:

For 6 to 7 figure business owners who sell products or services with a team behind them who want more PROFIT and higher ROI when they sell.

We are going to get you clear on how to value your business and an action plan to Build, Accelerate and Harvest even more from it.

Value Creation in three simple steps.

Strategy for Profit & Equity Growth

Systems to Break Free

Asset Creation for Leverage

Here’s everything that’s included: ​

LIVE Online Workshop
22 July (limited to 50 spots)
Access to the recordings (even if you can’t attend live)
Live Q&A session on 23 July
Support Group
Bonus 1:

Valuation Playbook: a complete step by step guide to formulating a Valuation Growth Plan and documenting your own strategies to grow the equity pie.

Bonus 2:

Business Risk and Value Driver Assessment that compares how you’re performing against other businesses.

Bonus 3:

Business Scorecard Report identifying the strengths and weaknesses about your business and the opportunities you have to grow value.

How we'll roll

Step One

Understand Valuation

Will introduce a simple formula to help you understand what your business is worth and what factors will enhance value

We'll cover business growth cycles in depth and show you at what points your valuation is maximised.

Step Two

Increase Your Multiplier

We’ll go through both financial and non-financial metrics that drive your business value and which ones to focus on and in what order.

Achieving organic sustainable growth through asset creation "off the balance sheet" making the business less dependent on you.

Step Three

Monetise the Value

Move the business intentionally from Growth into Profit mode to maximise value.

Understand the post acquisition economics of buyers to unlock more value.

During the workshop you’ll have our full support

SUPPORT GROUP hosted on Facebook to get help, advice and feedback from our team and other members. Join the group now.

LIVE Q&A both pre and post workshop to help you understand how to implement and customise a valuation strategy that aligns with what YOU want out of your business. 

Meet Your Workshop Host

Nikolas Ahkin

Nikolas is a Chartered Accountant and Entrepreneur with over a decade of experience working with family owned and venture backed businesses. He is the co-founder of FBZ Financial, an accounting business that builds finance and operational systems and guides you how to accelerate valuation growth by focusing on key areas that will have the most impact on profits (today) and future cash flows.

Nikolas is also a co-founder of Fundsition, an equity funding platform built for socially conscious SMEs seeking growth capital to scale. A licensed AFSL platform and partnerships in Australia and the US (Southern California)

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