Uncover your Numbers with a
Financial Health Check

Are you worried about the financial health of your business?

Uncover Your Real Financials

Our ‘Financial Health Check’ is an introductory service that provides you an objective view of how things are tracking, what areas are working well and what can be improved.

Let’s boost your profits and release more cash for growth.

A snapshot of what we cover

Know Your Break-Even Point

It is essential to know how much you need to sell to break even.

Pricing, knowing your margins and sales volumes play a critical role to understand what must be generated to break-even and stay profitable.

Cash Reserves

Do you have enough of a financial buffer?

Ideally, you want to have cash available to cover 2 to 3 months of operating costs. It's what we refer to as your "Core Capital Target" (CCT)...and it's a must have for any business.

Revenue Growth

Are you measuring your revenue growth from month to month? Are you up, sideways or down?

It's amazing how much value you can extract from a doing a detailed revenue analysis to find your best customers, their average spend and what products they love to buy.

Working Capital Management

How effectively are you monitoring and managing working capital i.e. accounts receivable, accounts payable and inventory days?

Are you customers paying you on time? Are you controlling and turning over enough stock? Are your suppliers giving you the best trade terms?

This analysis will uncover the hidden working capital gaps --> then we will give the strategies on HOW to improve it. 

Cash Conversion

Do you know how long your cash conversion cycle is?

To explain briefly - it measures cash coming in and out of your business over time i.e. to when you meet a prospect --> any cost outlays incurred --> to when you actually get paid?

Speeding up your cash conversion cycle is the number one goal for any business --> the more cash you have the more you can grow.

Capital for Growth

Is your businesses under capitalised? Do you have the capital to draw upon to support your growth and whether those financial downturns?

Find out how much capital you should have available to hit your growth targets sooner.

What The Financial Health Check Provides You​

A detailed three page report that will assess the overall financial performance of your business

Key recommendations you can use and implement straight away to improve your profits and cash flow

A 45 min block of time with us to discuss your business and actions to take to get you on track

For Business Owners Looking For A Sustainable Financial Framework To Grow…

Introductory price of
$999 +GST
valued at $3,499

It includes:

What Happens Next?

Our team will contact you to get access to your current accounting and operations systems. (Happy to sign a confidentiality agreement if required).

We'll then go to work and deliver a report straight into your inbox (within 7 business)

Then we'll book a 45 min session together to go over our findings and any questions you have about what actions you should take next.

Book a Financial Health Check

Let’s boost your profits and release more cash for growth.