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At FBZ, we create service plans that outline what your paying for and when things will be completed

We know certainty over the price you pay for professional advice and services like these is important, so before we begin, we scope and agree on the services you want us to provide you. 

You then accept and sign a proposal with all your service inclusions under a monthly payment plan.

It’s that easy…

Accounting & Tax

We take care of the basic accounting aspects of your business and timetable all of your annual tax obligations. We make it hassle-free by lodging everything for you on time. 

We also offer accounting related support services to save you time and help keep your Xero data completely up to date. This helps you stay on top of your cash flow, track your revenues and expenses and manage your tax payments throughout the year. 

We can even help you manage your payroll reporting, superannuation and leave tracking so you can stay on top of these obligations as well. 

Profit Optimisation

Profit optimisation is the process of identifying and implemented proven methods that make a business more profitable. It’s that simple.  

We can help you set up your finance function and provide you with monthly management reports that let you track and measure your performance. Making suggestions along the way as to how and when to maximise profits and retain more cash in both the short and long term.  

Key profit levers we help you pull: 

  • Measuring productivity, efficiency and overall financial performance
  • Understanding the revenue capacity of your business and cost structures
  • Identifying optimum price points for your products
  • Measuring and comparing results
  • Repeating the cycle to capture commercial uplifts –> compounding results and income 


Growth needs a strategy and that strategy needs to be supported with sound knowledge around your numbers and finances.  

Growth can quickly go sideways if you don’t have control of your cash flows and working capital – so here we build a complete financial system that is going to allow you to visualise the cash coming in and out of your business at all times.  

The healthier your financials and the more cash you retain, the faster your business will grow. 

That’s why you need a system driven approach that gives you important insights each month – keeping things consistent and organised for better decision making. 

This is for business owners who understand the advantage of quality advice and support on a regular basis and want more help with developing putting together more detailed operational budgets and forecasts –> so they can see what’s coming and shift their growth plans when things change.   

This is fast becoming one of our more popular services as you get the benefits of having a CFO inside your business but without the cost of hiring one inhouse. 

Service Plans that suit your stage of business.


Manage and stay on top of your tax affairs, know what you need to pay and when it’s due.

Xero Software

Accounting & Tax Compliance

1 Meeting P.A.

Business Structure Advice



Enhance the profitability of your business

 Xero Software

Accounting & Tax Compliance

4 Meetings P.A.

Business Capacity Plan

Cash Flow Forecasting + Management

KPIs, Tracking + Reporting

Monthly Management Reporting


Grow your business, boost it’s value and gain a new financial and competitive edge.

Xero Software

Accounting & Tax Compliance

12 Meetings P.A.

Business Growth Plan

Cash Flow Forecasting + Management

KPIs, Tracking + Reporting + Enhancement

Monthly Management Reporting

Working Capital Management Plan

Pricing Models + Margin Control

Accountability + Momentum

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